October 1, 2016…new month, new moon, new book of poetry…

October 1, 2016….new month, new moon, new book of poetry in hand!  I am beginning an endeavor in writing, speaking and counseling that has been brewing in me for some time.  Through the rollercoaster of life’s unexpected experiences, I have come to see life from a simpler and deeper perspective. I desire to share this hard-won wisdom in order to alleviate the suffering of loneliness, distraction and fear that I see so prevalent in the world.

As minister, counselor, teacher and hospice worker, I am surrounded by stories of human loss, suffering and grief.  Having served as a parish priest for nearly 10 years, I find that this post-modern world is looking for a simpler, deeper and more real connection than many religious traditions are offering.   My ministry has become equally simple and practical…. to be with those who suffer, to provide hope for relief and peace, and to reconnect those who feel adrift.  Through poetry, prose and counseling, I hope to offer a ministry of compassion, loving-kindness and genuineness.

It is in open-hearted remembering that we are restored to ourselves and a sense of unity with all of creation.  May the offerings of my heart be blessed in reaching the hearts of many.

Peace to all, Mary Francis