It’s been a while since I’ve shared my continuing spiritual journey as a servant of enlightenment. I think of myself as such given my life’s work of teacher, preacher, and counselor…always with the intention to bring the light that alleviates the suffering of humans. In the last few years, I’ve been called to serving as an earthworker… one who brings conscious blessings to places and spaces, in addition to people. This work is not new to the earth, but somewhat new to me as I have felt a deepening sense of connection to Mother Earth and to certain locations like Ireland’s Hazelwood in County Sligo. This connection went from a sense of belonging to a sense of interconnectedness to a sense of responsibility to serve. As you will read in my soon-to-be-published memoir, ‘Dancing in the Doorway’, I have been called to serve, protect and bless the spirits and entities of place and the natural world they support.

My connection to Ireland began in 2018 while walking the country roads of County Sligo, along Ladies Brae, Skreen. The serene pastures full of sheep, the derelict cottages along the roadside, the scent of whin flowers in the May breeze…all these pulled me inward to a place of simplicity and recognition of myself as a creature of the Earth. This may seem simplistic, but it was a profound experience and revelation of my oneness with Mother Earth and all of creation. It left me with a joyful innocence that freed me from the world’s expectations and rationalizations about life. From there, I began to commune with trees and flowers, birds and clouds…all of creation in a deep and abiding sisterhood of spirit. At first I experienced this sense of oneness with nature as peace and a sense of personal well-being; then I began to realize my responsibility to maintain contact and help others to remember our natural selves in order to restore humans to nature’s healing beauty. This in hopes, of course, that humans would then turn and love the Mother Earth and all that She provides.

The Spirits of the Hazelwood invited me in and blessed me by showing themselves to me and asking for my help. They shared their plight and urged me to help bring consciousness to humans whose lack of connection to the natural world was killing the planet on which we live…and from which we sprang. The matricidal relationship of humans to the Mother Earth has brought both to the edge of destruction.

Since then, I have traveled far and wide, blessing the earth and moving energy and light to repair damage done. Sometimes this takes the form of releasing the souls of the deceased who died and have not been able to move back to their Source, which I call God. When humans die or are killed in traumatic and violent ways, their souls often cling to the energy of the Earth and suffer for being stuck between worlds. Releasing these souls and guiding them into the Light has been a gift and a task that is fulfilling and joyful.

Reparations to the Earth and the first peoples is another area of service that I have been called to. Many of these places/peoples are crying out for justice. What I have found of late is that my role is to bring compassion and peace so that reconciliation and healing can take the place of vengeance and anger. These works have been laden with offerings of plants, fruits, stones, holy water, song and love… all for the sake of convincing these beings to give up the fight of ‘might makes right’.

Most recently, I have been called back to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, to restore the movement of earth energies along the masculine and feminine ley lines of the earth which keep our planet in a balance of these opposing energies of duality. This type of earthwork relies on getting my physical and energetic body to specific places…cemeteries, standing stones, stone circles, burial cairns, cathedrals, holy wells, forest glens, and other temples where energies gather and dance. The imbalance of polarities, what we might call the masculine and feminine energies, is in dire need of realignment. The restoration of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Sacred Masculine is an essential part of restoring human kind to the beauty of their loving hearts… to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

So, I go along, being exquisitely obedient to the moment as spirit guides me to places and spaces that I am asked to bless with conscious intention, reconciliation, and peace. Like my work as a Sacramentalist on the Gnostic Christian Initiatory path, these earthworks are first healing, then liberating, and finally harmonizing. When the spirit of place and people are aligned to their true nature, all is well with the world.

~Mary Francis Drake, Ma Devi

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