Dancing in the Doorway


From a cottage in Ireland to a cottage in Center Harbor, I continue the journey of writing my next book, “Dancing in the Doorway:  A Life’s Journey Between Worlds.”  I’ve given myself a publishing deadline for May, 2020, just to get it done…just to say that it will be good enough.  Good enough is my goal because as I travel around speaking to groups about the topics I’m addressing in this new book, I am hearing how much folks need validation, support and guidance in finding balance and depth in their own lives.

Life is a journey, it’s true…but writing is another journey equally full of twists and turns and surprises.  I started out writing a memoir, an autobiographical story of my life experience.  It now seems the book is turning into a purposeful memoir, my life story framed in a way that others can relate to, learn from, and follow if they wish.

I’ve had a normal, extraordinary life.  It may seem like an oxymoron to say that, but when I share my stories of trauma and wounding, people respond with, ‘Me, too.’  When I share about the struggles to find myself and my voice in a world full of pressured convention, people respond, ‘Me, too.’  When I share about feeling the presence of the dead, the angels, the ancestors and nature spirits, people respond, ‘Me, too.’

I’m pleasantly surprised by the experience of the equalizing revelation that every human being wants to heal, know the beauty of nature, feel the influence of otherworldly beings, and seek their true self.  This is a delight to behold and an honor to encourage.  I may have more experience or sensitivity or facility in these things than some folks due to my training, study and practice, but our shared humanity allows for a mutually uplifting experience where others might have an easier, quicker go of it as I am leaving signposts, maps and supports along their way.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the feedback I’m getting, and I can’t wait to have this book in hand to share with anyone who wishes to receive the fruits of my contemplations and the blessings of my life experiences in this world and in the other worlds.  Watch for book launch parties and readings in May and June!  And in the meantime, send me some good vibes to get this thing done!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Blessings to all,

Mary Francis

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