2019 Transitions


More than half of the year is over already…time really has sped up in my life as I move through many endings and transitions.  My hospice director position ended in December 2018.  Since early June, my youngest child graduated from high school and has gone off to the Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program; I finished up 3 years of service on the NH Hospice & Palliative Care Organization; I got married to a deep and wild and fearless man;  and I left my home of 5+ years, moving in with my sister and mother while I await departure for a 3 month writing sabbatical in Ireland.  Whew!  I feel tired…and excited…and curious about all of it.  I’m sure I have stretch marks and scars from the rapid growth, but at the same time I feel more myself than ever.

I’ve done some fun and fantastic things this year.  My best friend of 40 years became my roommate for the first 6 months of this year–what a wildly and deeply connecting and healing time that was!  I enrolled in Sharon Blackie’s online ‘Voice of the Wells’ course, retracing the ground of the feminine and our connection with place and myth.  I started a Women’s Circle.  I presided at my first same-sex wedding in California in January.–one of the women is an Irish connection as I met her in Sligo last fall on my second visit to Ireland in 2018.  I traveled again to Ireland with my youngest daughter and my mother for a week in April in which I experienced many deeply satisfying and transforming moments of connection with my Celtic ancestry and the power of the Emerald Isle, not to mention the bonding of our own maiden-mother-crone triad.  In commemoration, my mother and I and my two daughters got matching tattoos of the triple goddess symbol which has literally and figuratively left an indelible mark on our relationships.  I interviewed and wrote an article about a man with terminal cancer….and then I fell in love with him…and then we married…and then we struggled…and then…only God knows…

I’m settling quite nicely into my new temporary space in my sister’s home.  I have two rooms that offer me a sanctuary for my spirit as I prepare for my next journey and continued deepening in the solitude of the northwest of Ireland’s wild and beautiful landscape.  I’m looking forward to unplugging from the outside world and diving deeply into myself, the magic of place, the wonder of wandering, the joy of creative work.  I may decide to chart the course of that journey here…we shall see.

If you are so inclined to reflect on your 2019 transitions in the comments, I’m happy to receive them and bear witness to your internal process as you walk along on your own journey.  As Ram Dass’ recent book implies, we’re all ‘Walking One Another Home’, and I’d be honored to walk alongside you as you go.

Peaceful, prayerful blessings to you all,

Mary Francis