May Day – the simplicity of Spring

May musings for you to consider.  First, if you find this blog and my constant contact newsletter helpful, please spread the word!  I’m having a dream of increasing readership of blog, books and monthly newsletters….hopeful that they will expand the blessings I hold in my heart for folks to find peace within for a more peaceful planet.

All things are made new in this season of sunshine, rain, flowers, birds, more and more light….its invigorating and uplifting at the same time….feels a little like a morning coffee or a true love…how do you experience spring?

I was driving through Vermont over the weekend, noticing all the shades of green the earth is bursting forth into…grasses, leaves, sprouting plants…so many, many variations on that simple color ‘green’ that we take for granted!  I also noticed rushing waters, blue sky, puffy clouds, strong sunshine, fresh air and increased activity in and around town.  Life is busting at the seams!

Tuning into the season, I feel that energy–joyful and beautiful–waiting to be made manifest in flowers, fruits and fun.  Fun is a subjective word, but I like to think of it as whatever moves our hearts to joyful gratitude.  I believe that joy is the highest form of gratitude as it presumes the loving-kindness of the creator in creating the lovely and delightful things in life.  What will I do with it, I wonder?  What will I make of it?  And what will you….???

The world is our oyster and summer is upon us.  Time to liven up and do the dance of creation in the direction of our dreams….all aboard!!!

❤ + MF