April showers bring May flowers….

Hey, Folks,

Happy Spring!  Easter is upon us…new birth, new life, growth, sprouting, blossoming…so much newness to celebrate.  What’s new with you?  How did you survive the winter hibernation?  Are you awake and alert yet?  Ready for foraging and basking in the sunshine?  Ready for bright shades of green and deep blue skies…rushing waters and cultivating soil?  I can feel the increased energy since the spring equinox…the longer days, the brighter sun higher in the sky…it’s all so invigorating!

What will we do with all of the restored energy?  It’s the stuff of new beginnings….really a better time for ‘new year’ resolutions, don’t you think?  So, what’s new with you?  What’s new in you?  What new will you create in this year?  In astrology, Aries is the first zodiac sign of the year….the ‘starter’….gets things going….I think we should ride that wave into spring with freshness and creative energy!

Personally, I have a lot of things ‘growing’ in my winter garden…those hardy root veggies that sustain us during the cold, dark months…..work, family, friends, hobbies….but I’m itching for something new….I’m looking for the 2017 version of life…I wonder what it will bring!

While we move through the ‘rainy season’ of April (at least here in NH), just remember that we are watering and fertilizing the new life that will sprout in May.  So get in there and get your hands dirty in the fertile soil….start planting seeds of what you want to harvest this summer/fall….fill up that calendar with rejuvenating, relaxing activities, shake things up!

Most of all, enjoy!

Mary Francis