The Season of Light

It’s December and everyone is full-on in the swing of the holidays.  Yet sometimes in this busy season, we forget to tune into the ‘spirit’ of the holidays.   The seasons change, the days grow shorter, and we’re moved internally to slow down even while external activities are speeding up.  I wrote a poem called ‘Winter Time’ that I hope will help you slow down… down shift… take a breath… so as not to miss the beauty and wonder of the emergence of inner light in this season that culminates with the winter solstice and seasonal holidays in every tradition.  Enjoy… preferably while sipping a cup of tea and contemplating the nature of all that transpires underground awaiting spring.

May the peace of the season be with you and yours,  Mary Francis


Winter Time

The clock is slowing and the light is fading

Time seems to turn from liquid to solid as water turns to ice

Breathing seems to take up space not noticed before now

and thinking

Sinking into myself as I reflect on the year

Four quick seasons with a breadth of joys

Four tormenting changes as the soul rehabilitates

Settling in now, to my own heartbeat

which I hear without trying

The breath is breathing me as solid melts into solitude

No more good grasp on reality

Ephemeral expansion and dissipation

into simple being

Thank you, winter, for slowing things down,

for making it clear that we are not in charge

Thank you, time, for your enigmatic flow

that distorts reality so we can see eternity in it.


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