It’s the end of November already.  In the wake of the election outcome, many are stressed, distressed and scared.  This is an understandable reaction to what seems like the unraveling of American values…of human values…in our country.  Regardless of how things unfold, each of us will need more than ever to continue the practices that bring us balance, compassion and strength so that we can do our part in ensuring that our own thoughts, words and actions align with our good-heartedness.  This is a time to give generously of ourselves by sending prayers and positive intentions in all directions.  This is a time to strengthen ourselves so that we can stand strong in the face of disturbances and act for what is good and right.  We will need to call upon the best of our nature while allowing our fear, anger and grief to move through without grasping onto it.  I have chosen to take up a daily prayer time in support of peace.  I will be praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (Rosary) daily for Standing Rock, for our elected officials, for those who have fear of discrimination, and for those who might perpetrate discrimination.  I will also donate monthly to a cause or situation that I feel strongly about…even small donations are of help.  Finally, I plan to act where/when I can by attending rallies, wearing my ‘safety’ pin and preparing myself to stand beside anyone who feels afraid or persecuted.  If we prepare ourselves to act, we are more likely to follow through on those actions.  My daily practice of prayer and meditation help me to remain focused on these small acts of love and service which I have dedicated myself to continuing.  I hope you will join in the ‘karma yoga’ of service to those in need.  As we round the corner of Thanksgiving and move into the Season of Light, may our hearts be full of gratitude and wonder, our mouths full of loving and peaceful words, and our hands full of kindness and generosity.

Blessings and peace to all,

Mary Francis